New Installations

New Installations

Whether you got a new dwelling or require a new installation to replace an old one, our expert technicians and plumbers have got you all covered. At 1 UP Solutions, we are familiar with how to take care of you in the most efficient manner possible.

We offer the following installations:

Bathroom solutions

Bathrooms are the most commonplace to require new installations. Whether it is toilet installation Sydney, faucets, showers, or taps, we are experts at what we do when it comes to bathroom leakage repair.

Backflow prevention

If a sewer pipe repair is not done properly, your home plumbing can be flooded with a lot of contaminants. To take care of the hassle, our plumbers at 1 UP Solutions are experts in installing a backflow prevention system

Kitchen fixtures

The place where you cook, wash dishes, and have your meals is all operating on a network of maintained pipelines. If any drain gets clogged, it can pose multiple problems. We make sure to install fixtures that’ll make sure your kitchen drainage runs smoothly.

Hot water repair Sydney

If your shower isn’t getting as hot as you like, the time might have come to replace it. 1 UP Solutions offer the best heating system repair and installation. We are experienced in installing all sorts of heaters Sydney