Many of the calls received from customers for plumbing services involve an emergency callout of sudden leakages or pipe bursts. Pipes are always draining, so the constant work can cause all the wear and tear. And before you know, a pipe has already burst to make you panic and finding all nearby plumbing services.

 But we are going to tell you what to do in case of such an emergency so that you are well-prepared in time. Here are the steps you can take when a pipe bursts in your home:

Turn Off the Main Water Valve

The fastest method to prevent water damage from a burst pipe is to stop the source from where water is coming. The source is mostly found in the cellar or under the kitchen sink.

Drain the pipes

It’s critical to get the excess water out of the lines by flushing every latrine and running the chilly water side of the faucets dry.

Turn off the Hot Water Heater

After the network is closed down, return and drain the high temp water from every one of the fixtures in the home.

Shut down your electricity

Depending upon where the leakage happened, water may have interacted with power plugs or even your circuit box.


Search out the burst pipe

Huge breaks may be self-evident, while more modest broken lines can be harder to find. Searches for protruding roofs, pooling water on the floor, or water under the sink. If you have discovered the source of the release immediately and water is as yet spilling, have a go at containing it with a big bucket. 

Evaluate the damage and call a plumber

Some burst pipes bring about little breaks that can be fixed utilizing only commercial tape. Be that as it may, residents ought to be cautious because a burst pipe insufficiently fixed can cause significantly more harm. It is prescribed to employ an expert plumber to deal with fixing or supplanting burst pipes

Tidy up the water damage to avoid mold growth

Depending upon the size of the break, you may have to hire expert cleanup service providers who will utilize business wet-dry vacuum cleaners and rock-solid fans to dry soaked floor coverings.

Knowing what to do in an emergency is always a good idea, but you can also avail professional plumbing services to do the job. The plumbers at 1 UP Solutions show up in time for all sorts of emergencies and make sure to do the job correctly.

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